increase real shape and realize a feeling of coherence

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Number containing : 1 box 10 condoms
Color : Natural
Lubricant : Gel type
Suggested selling price : yen 2,100

Thinness and adaptability of that "Zero zero three" increase real shape and realize a feeling of coherence.

1. A rial shape feeling of wearing that I did well that a narrow part increases and it is stiff and is hard to have unpleasant slack on is provided. Because there is not "sperm those present" of a bit, a feeling of fitting is provided. In addition, and wearing is hygienic simply because you do not need to do ventilation.

2. Light thinness only 0. 03mm (by our measurement) touch it and I put it on and am surprised at excessive thinness. A feeling of fitting is totally a bare skin sense up, too.

3. It cut a rubber smell by removing protein and other water-soluble materials from a condom in rubber smell cut Okamoto Industries original technology.

4. Because a list and the feel of the back of packing of one one adoption are changed into unit packing to understand the front and back of a condom before front and back distinction packing opening a letter, I can judge the front and back in a gloomy place.

Front and back distinction packing

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